What our customers say

Cel-Fi Signal Booster
  • “Well for the first time in 10 months I was able to receive full 5 bars, no drop calls and clear voice and data. I live in the middle of a town, just opposite to a popular school yet the network service in my area is worse than a 3rd world country. If you search my post code in the map you will notice that there is poor to none coverage from all the mobile phone operators. I researched about cel-fi, my main concern was not to buy an illegal product or a device which is not approved by the regulators, and luckily cel-fi was the only option. Though I feel that I bought it a time when a 4G version of the device has already been launched in USA for the same price, but I had no choice. I work remotely from home most of the time and out of 8 hours I spent 2-3 hours on the phone with the clients. So I think in the end it worth every single penny. Regarding its performance, it is an awesome device. The trick is to find a suitable distance between the window unit and the indoor unit. Luckily I had proper power ports in the loft, so I placed the window unit in the loft (made sure that its not dusty and I also boarded my loft), the indoor unit is placed in the lounge. My house is a two storey 4 bed detached property (quite a large property). The indoor unit is always showing 9 on the signal strength and the window unit shows 4 or 5 bars. Sometimes it shows red light momentarily, but the phone still works and shows 5 bars. I have done some data speed tests on 3G and it does a pretty awesome job, above 8mb.” S Choudhry
  • “Cel-Fi has boosted my poor signal throughout our large stone farmhouse to 5 bars. We are about 4 miles as the crow flies from our transmitter. It took some experimenting to find a window with a direct line of sight. To the transmitter and then finding the correct place far enough away to Put the smaller unit. We found getting the large box higher than the small box worked best. We had to make sure that our wireless internet was set to just 2.4 ghz and not 5 ghz or It interfered with the Cel-Fi. Would recommend for people with a poor signal to try. It works well once setup correctly.”- S Cheadle
  • “Making calls is extremely important to our business, when this service is unreliable it makes contacting our team when they’re off-site working on jobs very difficult. We can’t afford to have poor phone signal getting in the way of our calls, so when Cel-Fi was recommended to us a solution we jumped at the chance to give it a go. It has made a huge difference and we can now contact all our staff without any dropped mobile calls!”- John Jones, Jelly Communications
  • “We’ve had a Cel-Fi signal booster in our head office for the past 5 years and it has been great at improving our mobile coverage. We used to have many issues with trying to contact employees working off-site as well as customers phoning in - not great considering this is the heart of the business – but Cel-Fi has made a big difference. All our employees can now make and receive mobile calls reliably, I’d recommend Cel-Fi to anyone with bad signal in their workplace.”– 5 Times Red Ltd
  • "The product delivers exactly what it promises and is simple and rapid to deploy."- John Fannon, T-Mobile, UK
  • "What a machine! Instant 3G coverage right across the board in 18 different rooms – 5 bars in 5 minutes as George Lamb used to say!"- Premier Telecom, UK
  • "Cel-Fi has enabled me to go from no service to 5 bar full strength signal in my entire house, I can now work from home on 3G and receive calls without going outside. Cel-Fi has bridged the gap between myself and the outside world in our house. It’s a great product, easy to use and very effective"- J Gilpin
  • "From zero to hero inside the house! We can at last use up the minutes talk time EE provide in our package"- R Carrow
  • "Thank you for boosting our mobile signal. As our office is on the lower ground floor, before, we had very low or no signal at all. If someone’s phone rings, they had to jump off their table and run outside to our rear garden to answer a call. We used to call our garden – 'A phone box'. Now, with Cel-Fi installed, we have our signal bars full all the time, and fortunately we can stay at our desks."- E Laurinavicius
  • "Cel-Fi has been an absolute godsend. Moved from the USA to the UK and found the cell phone service poor with only EE working outside the house and struggling to get 1 bar of service downstairs. Since using Cel-Fi we have 5 bars through the house. Very easy to install. Receiver is in the loft and transmitter in the living room. Always get 8 or 9 on the transmitter. Excellent product and saved us a lot of frustration."- R Cannings
  • "The Cel-Fi units were purchased to boost signals within a group of Portacabins where service was little more than 1 bar at the best of times. Now users can receive and make mobile calls without any dropping of connection. I would not hesitate in using these units again for any clients."- I Birdsey
  • "Cel-Fi has made the difference of being able to make and receive telephone calls that were impossible before. I now know with confidence that I can make a call without the possibility of being cut off. I can receive important texts on time. Thank you for such a reliable system."- I Wardley
  • "We needed a solution to low 3G signal in our office. Our office is actually in a good coverage area, however due to a large building right next door our signal is blocked. Walk out into the car park and its fine, but sat in the office its poor. I came across the Cel-Fi boxes. We put one of them in the part of the office with the best 3g signal and then the transmitter at the complete opposite side of the office. The difference was instant, as soon as we turned the boosters on, all our handsets could get a good 3G signal. No more dropped calls, or having to take calls in the car park! I liked the units so much that I bought another one for our sister office. Brilliant!"- A Robinson
  • "I run my own business from home so mobile/ data is essential for me. Cel-fi has boosted the signal in our old, thick walled bungalow so we can now make and take mobile calls for the first time inside the house (before Cel-Fi, it was necessary to go outside for calls and the calls had to be kept short in winter or we froze). Also the 3G is now strong enough for data on our phones which is great."- M Baker
  • "I built a new 4 bedroom house in 2013/14. The house, fulfilling all building regulations, was so well insulated that our mobile phones, served by EE, only worked in rooms facing the East. The EE/Orange mast is easily seen at the bottom of the road half a mile away to the East. The Cel-Fi transmitter installed on an East facing first floor bedroom window sill, with its receiver in the Hall on the ground floor quickly enabled good mobile phone reception to be obtained throughout the house. Very satisfactory! A couple of months later the reception again disappeared. I didn't know why or what to do. Then one day I noticed, accidentally, that outside the house the signal was better on the West side. I then moved the Cel-Fi to the window sill in the guest bedroom facing the West. Low and behold good reception was restored throughout the house. Apparently the original EE mast had been turned off and another one set up, without my knowledge, on the other side of the village. The Cel-Fi installation had helped me to detect the problem and restore effective phone reception!"- D Forster