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Are you an IT reseller or retailer business interested in selling Cel-Fi? Join our team and get involved in the distribution or resale of Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters by Nextivity.

In a recent study, Ofcom revealed that32% of UK homes and businesses still do not receive 4G coverage indoors from all network operators. With numerous businesses affected by poor mobile signal (including the public sector and public services, police departments, fire stations, agricultural businesses and the NHS to name a few), Nextivity has developed award winning mobile signal boosters that are licence exempt and freely deployable in the UK and Ireland for Voice and Data*.

Cel-Fi offers a unique selling proposition for an increased service portfolio as well as offering additional revenue opportunities. Become a Cel-Fi Partner and enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Competitive pricing on bulk purchases
  • An increased service offering with a quick delivery service
  • Technical support for you and your customers, e.g. a support line, technical guides, troubleshooting advice and installation guides and videos
  • Sales and Marketing support and a dedicated support package for you and your customers including a support line, installation guides and troubleshooting documents.

Why choose Cel-Fi?

1.   Cel-Fi mobile signal boosters are officially legal to use and licence exempt under UK law and fully meet the requirements of Ofcom SI 2018/399. This makes them the only boosters in the UK market boasting this compliance.

2.   Cel-Fi Signal Boosters work to strengthen poor mobile signal coverage in the home and office by up to four times, offering a massive 100dB gain (GO X, QUATRA units) which is 1000 times stronger than traditional boosters.

3.   The SAR impact is comparable to that of a smartphone, making them equally harmless to human health and the environment.

4.   They boost both 3G & 4G signal at the same time, most traditional boosters only cover either 3G or 4G but not both.

5.   Each unit enhances mobile signal in a huge area (up to 40 meters / 120ft wide), which is equivalent to 1,500 sq.m. / 15,000 sq. ft. Multiple units can easily be deployed to cover larger areas.

6.   Boosting mobile signal in the way Cel-Fi units operate, apart from reduced dropped calls, also means improved voice clarity and streaming as well as faster downloads and improved battery life for the devices benefiting from them!

7.   A strong mobile signal has become a necessity, while the issue is not being resolved over time. Anyone living or working behind thick walls or heavy insulation, in basements or in rural / remote areas will be most likely facing mobile signal issues.

With an ever-increasing demand for legal solutions to mobile phone signal problems, this programme is the ultimate service choice!

Our range of Cel-Fi signal boosters

Cel-Fi by Nextivity offer licence exempt mobile phone signal boosters to boost 3G and 4G voice and data for any UK network, including the four main Network Operators (EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone) as well as all hosted Virtual Network Operators like BT Mobile, giffgaff etc. Please see our Networks page for more information. Find out more on the Cel-Fi products and see the full range here.

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* Licence exempt under UK law and fully meets the requirements of Ofcom SI 2018/399. Licence exempt under Irish law and fully meets the requirements of ComReg S.I. No.283 of 2018.