How do the Signal Boosters Work

This article applies to Cel-Fi QUATRA. For further details and installation instructions relating to the Cel-Fi SOLO, GO X and PRIME boosters please visit their product pages.

Scalable Solutions

Cel-Fi QUATRA is a scalable solution that utilizes one or multiple Network Units, depending on the environment and size of the space, with up to four distributed Coverage Units connected to each Network Unit.

Off Air Mode

Cel-Fi QUATRA can be installed off-air, using either a MIMO panel or omni donor antenna to provide high-quality in‑building wireless connectivity. Cel-Fi QUATRA can be deployed by installers or IT personnel with Cat5e skills (no RF engineering skills needed).

Supercell Mode

A Supercell is comprised of a Cel-Fi QUATRA system connected to a small cell. Multiple Cel‑Fi QUATRA systems can be connected to a single small cell, or multiple small cells, to form a coordinated Supercell. A Supercell with Cel-Fi QUATRA is more efficient than multiple small cells, and the CUs of a Cel-Fi QUATRA system connected to a Supercell do not interfere with one another.

Differences of gainCel-Fi signal boosterTraditional analogue booster
Gains in dB100dB (or 1,000 times the most powerful conventional boosters (70dB))Most boosters: 60dB. The more expensive boosters provide up to 70dB, or 1,000 less gain than Cel-Fi
CoverageUp to 50,000 sqft per system, scalable to 200,000 sqft by combining multiple systems togetherMost boosters: 3,000 to 6,500 sqft. The more expensive boosters that require complex indoor antenna installation commonly only provide up to 10,000 sqft.
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